"Judge us by the love we have to give, not the color of our fur."
The sad fact is that black cats are judged by the color of their fur, facing greater odds to finding a forever home than cats with other fur colors. Black cats stay in humane shelters longer and are more likely to be euthanized at animal control facilities. In a room full of colorful cats black cats seem to be invisible. Pictures on Petfinder often fail to do them justice. And they have to battle all those silly superstitions.

Black cats can be big or small, long hair or short, cuddler or shy, full of energy or laid back. In short, just like any other cat. After all, fur color isn’t even skin deep. But no matter the personality they are all wonderful and deserve a home of their own. Adopt a black cat, you won’t regret it!
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Top 10 Reasons
to Adopt a Black Cat
10.  It’s easy to find your black
      cat, except in the dark.
  9. They don’t show dirt.
  8. They are like onyx,
      a beautiful gem.
  7. Black cats look like
      little panthers.
  6. Black is beautiful.
  5. When you love a black cat,
      luck is on your side.
  4. Like blondes, black cats have
      more fun.
  3. Black cats are loving.
  2. Love knows no color,
      they don’t care what color
      your fur is!!
  1. They are the least
     likely to be adopted!!!